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Garry's Essays and Seminars

Each of the following essays and seminar notes are downloadable in either html or pdf format. Simply click.  Please remember that this is my work.  I would appreciate your making due acknowledgement should you use these resources in any way.

Slideshow for a paper entitled "Christ at the Centre: the church year as labyrinthine eschatology"
presented at the conference of the Australian Academy of Liturgy, Canberra, Jan 21, 2009
Slideshow for a workshop introducing Worship at Pascha (Easter)
November 2008, Centre for Theology and Ministry, Parkville
"Theological Reflections on the Spirit of Capitalism" (pdf)          
a lecture delivered at the Auburn Forum on June 12, 2007

"The Desire of God" (pdf)

          previously published in The Heythrop Journal XLV111 (2007): pp.343-370

 "The Work of Mourning:  Derridean reflections on the waters" (pdf)
        previously published in the Australian Journal of Liturgy (2006) 10.3 (2006): 91-104

Notes and a Slideshow from a workshop on the Lectionary & the Church Year
        St. Luke's Church, Mount Waverley, Feb 2006

"Uniting in Worship? Proposals Towards a Liturgical Ecumenics" (pdf)

previously published in Uniting Church Studies 11 (2005): 21-36.

"Notes from a workshop on Worship" (pdf)
St. Luke's Church, Mount Waverley, Sept 2004

Slideshow from a workshop introducing Christian Worship, Baptism and the Catechumenate
          St Luke's Church,
July 2004

"Heidegger - a theology to come"

"The Making of the Body of Christ:  Worship as a Technological Apocalypse" (pdf)
            previously published in the Australian Journal of Liturgy 9.1 (2003): 19-34.

"Ecology and Otherness"

"Religious Vocation in Levinas"
            previously published in the magazine of the Uniting Church Tertiary Students Association, NSW, in 2001.

"What makes Ordained Ministry Possible? a Christian rejoinder to John Bodycomb"
        previously published in Crosslight, 2003.

"Harry, Buffy, Paganism and Christianity"
        previously published in Crosslight, Nov 2003.

"If It Be Your Will: Making Promises With Derrida, Ricoeur & Chauvet" (pdf)
          previously published in Pacifica 16 (2003):  271-294. 

"Notes toward a Theology of the Arts, Through the Arts"
        a paper presented to a seminar on the Arts and Theology at Otira College, Melbourne, in Feb 2004