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Come Holy Spirit, cover us with you mantle of love.
We are a scattered people:
   Come, gather us together.
We are a divided people:
   Come to reconcile and renew.
We are an anxious people:
   Come, soothe our fears.
We are a wealthy people:
   Come, show us the joy of sharing.
We are a forgetful people:
   Come, make us the very embodiment of Christ's love,
   his message of peace and hope for all the world.
Come Holy Spirit, cover us with your mantle of love.

Come, O Cosmic Christ:
as we gather to worship this morning,
make us alive with your living presence.

Come, Alpha and Omega,
As we sing psalms and spiritual songs together,
remind us that you are our beginning and our end.

Come, O Root and Offspring of David:
as we read of you in the holy Scriptures,
make us seekers after truth, justice and peace.

Come, Bright morning star:
as we eat the bread and share the wine,
renew our hunger for the new creation.

Glory to God: Wisdom, Word and Spirit:
as in the beginning, so now, and forever more.

Come, O fertile Spirit of God,
cover your people with a mantle of love.
In your passion, overpower us;
in your longing, ravish us.
Waken our sleeping bodies;
make them alive with a hunger for justice.
Rekindle the fires of our deepest spiritual longing;
make them roar with a yearning for peace.
Bring to birth in us a Word, a Song,
in whose sound the whole cosmos will find its rejoicing.

Creator God
Bring to birth in us a new awareness of your presence
in the deep-down spaces of our world.
Between atoms and neutrons, quarks and neuons,
you are the energy for cohesion and newness.
In the kaleidescope of plants and animals
you are the impetus for life, death and rebirth.
In the images and textures of writers and artists
you are the muse for beauty and truth.
In the hearts and spirits of human beings
you are the yearning for integrity, justice and love.
In the faces of the dispossessed,
you are the bearer of humanity and dignity.
In the face of Jesus, that carpenter of Nazareth,
you are revealed as Wisdom, Passion and Resurrection.

God of deep-down spaces,
open our eyes to see you
open our ears to hear you
open our hearts to love you deeply.

O God of beginnings and endings,
God who walks beside us:
In your grace, visit us now.

O Christ, friend of the weary,
Christ of the broken heart:
In your grace visit us now.

O Spirit who touches and heals,
Spirit of holiness and prayer:
In your grace visit us now.

God of Jesus Christ,
at the dawning of the day we waken to hear your voice.
As we gather for worship this morning
grant us the Holy Spirit in abundance,
that we may recall the love of Jesus shown on the cross,
and sing our thanks to you
with genuine and faithful hearts. Amen.

Hail, God of life, Maker of the universe!
Today we join with birds and trees and animals,
with rocks and rivers and mountains,
to worship and adore you as the One
who brings all beings to their birth!

Hail, Christ of the spheres, child of God's wisdom!
In your womb the universe was made;
but in your love you emptied yourself of all divinity
and took the way of ultimate suffering.
We have gathered this day to sing our thanks!

Hail, Spirit Holy, breath of God's life and primal fire!
You dwell in our souls as the instinct for love and justice;
you clear our eyes to appreciate beauty and celebrate life;
you are the voice of calm and the fire of passion.
Ignite our worship, make us lovers of God!

Hail to the Maker, the Ancient One,
Mother and Father of all that was, and is, and will be!
Today we join with birds and trees and animals,
with rocks and rivers and mountains and the whole creation
to offer you our worship and honour.
Come to us, God of Life! We invoke you!
Come to fill us with your creative power,
with the pulsing lifeblood of ages.
Make us alive with celebration and with rejoicing!

(the first candle lit)

Hail to the Christ, the Compassionate One,
who was alive and was dead and lives in the heart of all things!
In the midnight of sin, you heard the cries of your people.
For us and for our healing,
you embraced that darkness with its loneliness and despair;
you surrendered to the crack which rends the cosmos.
Come to us, Suffering One! We invoke you!
Renew our yearning for emptiness and for silence.

(the second candle is lit)

Hail to the Spirit Holy, messenger of God's Wisdom,
primal fire of creation and breath of life!
From the time of dreaming you made your home with holy souls,
making them friends of God and prophets.
You invite us to join with you in the circle dance of trinity,
to die and be reborn in the whirling wheel of God.
Come to us, Spirit of Life! We invoke you!
Renew your people in the passion of the ancients:
make of us mystics and poets and prophets,
that the earth may be rekindled in love.

Blessed be God: Maker, Christ, and Spirit.
As in the beginning, so now, and for ever. Amen.

Holy Joy, come falling down.
Wash away our tears
Soothe our burning affections
Slow the frantic images
Tenderly touch our aloneness.

Holy Joy, come falling down.
Intimating eternity
Transfiguring trauma
Animating mechanism
Ensouling body.

Holy Joy, come falling down
Whispering your affection
Lilting lovingness
Dispersing melancholy
Renewing imagination.

Holy Joy, come falling down.
Baptise us in streams of lovingkindness;
Bring new life to us in each new moment.

There is a spirit in the world called love.
It is not a spirit which can be grasped by thinking
not can it be conjured up through the ebb and flow
of religious passions.

No, it is a spirit which comes upon us suddenly
when we remember the smile of a parent
or are shaken by the poet's rage
or experience the hospitality of poor folk
or smell wildflowers after morning dew.

These prayers are © Garry Deverell, 13 Lerina Street, Oakleigh East 3166, Australia. Please give due acknowledgment if you use them.