Resources for Lent & Pascha (Easter)

saturday_imageLent is the season for returning to the baptismal pool and recalling the promises made there both by God and by ourselves.  It is the time for renewing our resolve for discipleship as we follow Jesus to the events of his last week in Jerusalem, traditionally celebrated as passiontide and the Great Three Days of Pascha (Easter).  The following are provided to help you get in touch with the call of God for these most holy of seasons.  Most were originally prepared for use at South Yarra Baptist Church, but may be adapted for your own community.  Each resource is available as a downloadable pdf file.

Spiritual Exercises, Brunswick Baptist Church, 2011
School of Discipleship, South Yarra Baptist, 2003
School of Discipleship, South Yarra Baptist, 2004

Lenten Rites - Ash Wednesday
Lenten Rites - Enrolment for Baptism
Lenten Rites - Enrolment for the Catechumenate
Lenten Rites - Handing on the Faith
Lenten Rites - the Scrutinies

Holy Week & Easter - An Introduction
Holy Week - Palm/Passion Sunday
Holy Week - Maundy Thursday
Holy Week - Great (Good) Friday
Holy Week - Morning Prayer for Great and Holy Saturday
Pascha (Easter) - The Great Paschal Vigil
Pascha (Easter) - Ascension
Pascha (Easter) - Pentecost

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